Managed Hosting

Webzilla Singapore provides managed services, managed security, network monitoring, server management, server migration and other managed services for Singapore servers. Overseas clients can engage our services with prior appointments.

MNCs and SMEs can outsource their dedicated server management to us whether they are hosted by our company in our data centers or inside their offices. Hiring additional IT administrators can be very expensive, by outsourcing to Webzilla Singapore, we help our clients cut down on their expenses and let them concentrate on what they do best at

We provide the following services :

  • Administration

    Webzilla Singapore can provide one-stop server administration services for clients who outsource their IT maintenance to us. We can perform regular administrative tasks for company email, file, print and other application servers whether it is running on Linux, Unix or Windows platforms. Webzilla Singapore specializes in Debian setup and consultancy, We specializes in converting a Windows environment office surrounding into Debian work stations environment.

    Hardware maintenance is also available as an option. Contact us for a free assessment of your requirements.

  • Backup Services

    Webzilla Singapore can do remote backup of your office critical information to external locations such as our data centres. Data are stored separately from clients’ for better protection. We can also provide tape backup services on a regular basis.

  • Security Services

    Webzilla Singapore provides firewall installation and VPN implementation for your office Intranet and Internet. We offer Anti Intrusion Detection services to track and prevent any breach of security to your computer systems.

    In addition, we can also provide antivirus, anti-hacking solutions as well as perform OS hardening services for important systems in your corporate network.

  • Network Services

    Webzilla Singapore provides high availability server clustering, hot swaps and hot servers as well as the design and implementation of high availability Internet infrastructure ranging from a simple server room to a full fledged data centre.