What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the service provided by Web Presence Provider like Webzilla Singapore to allow your web pages to be stored inside servers so that it can be access on the Internet.

What is the difference between an ISP and a Web Presence Provider?

ISP also known as Internet Service Provider provides the link to the Internet. Whereas Web Presence Provider provides the presence of your web site on the Internet.

Can I register a domain name?

Yes, you can choose to register a domain name with us separately or together with our web and email hosting packages.

What domain name can I register.

Domain names fall basically into open category where there is no restriction of ownership or close category where you are restricted by your nationality, whether or not you are a company or business entity, non profit organisation and so on. Do take a look at our Domain Registration page for a list of open and close categories domains.

I already have my own domain, can I subscribe your services?

Definitely, you would just need to change your nameservers to ours.

Primary ns1.8toinfinity.net
Secondary ns2.8toinfinity.net

How much bandwidth am I allowed for my domain.

We do not have a hard limit for virtual web hosting users. Typically we would not recommend more than 1 GB/mth. If you are running an extremely popular web site, we would recommend u take our dedicated web hosting. No MP3s, Warez, AVI, all audio or video streaming on virtual hosting as this takes up extensive CPU and bandwidth and will affect other users of the servers.

Why does some companies offer unlimited web, email and bandwidth?

Try uploading your entire hard disk into your web site and you will know why. Our web and email space as well as bandwidth are allocated to provide maximum performance for our users. There is no such things as unlimited , each component needs to be carefully measured and limited so that all resources are kept optimum and minimized bottlenecks.

I have seen S$1/year Hosting packages, why should I sign up with you?

We have been hosting since 1997 and have seen lots of competitors fold up. If your web site is unimportant to you. You can try those packages. See you in 1 year’s time. Our advice on the Internet is, if the offer is too good to be true, it isn’t.