Basic Shopping Cart Services. Charges from SGD 2000 onwards, exclusive of third party charges.

Enhanced ecommerce with web design. Charges from SGD 3000 onwards with up to 10 web templates/pages

The customized shopping cart system allows for day-to-day administration by the admin personnel. It consists of Shopping Categories that will lead to the respective products. Shipping charge calculations, if any, is assumed to be a simple numerical addition of a fixed value to the product, or it can be absorbed within product cost.

Shopping cart will be linked to a third party payment gateway for online credit card transactions. All orders will be routed to the designated administrator email address immediately after the successful submission and an email will be sent to the customer as well.

Admin Section

Administrator Login. This is the first page of the administrator section where the administrator needs to login using username and password to access functions. All the links to specific functions are available at the left-hand menu bar for specific user.

Product Management Allows for adding, editing and deleting of product categories and products. Orders Management This feature allows administrator to view order details, amend and delete orders as necessary.

Third Party charges: Worldpay

  • Third Party Processing charges:
  • Setup Fee (S$138 non refundable): S$198
  • Annual Payment Processing Fee – includes 3 free currencies: S$398
  • Additional charge per currency: S$138
    As prices are dictated by Worldpay, client is advised to check: for the latest pricing
  • Transaction charges: Service charge per transaction: 4.5%
  • Transaction charges: Remiitance in any currency: £2.50

This charge is incurred by WorldPay when remitting funds into your bank account. With WorldDirect you will normally receive weekly remittances 4 weeks in arrears. The minimum remittance amount is £10 for sterling or the equivalent of £100 in the case of other currencies. You may arrange for periodical remittance for amounts greater than the above. The charge is per remittance (NOT transaction) and does not include intermediary or receiving bank charges (if any) that may be levied. Remittance charges depend upon the charges made by the relevant banks and may be changed without notice.

Programming Environment

  • Internet Information Server 5.0 on Windows 2012 server
  • ASP 3.0/. NET
  • MS Access
  • JavaScript
  • VB Script
  • SMTP
  • UAT Environment
    • Web Test Stations
    • 1 x PC with IE 6.0
  • Web Page Resolutions
    • 1024 x 768
    • 800 x 600

Project Timeline and Implementation Schedule

The maximum period to complete the project is 2-4 calendar weeks
This timeline does not include the UAT and implementation on production systems.
Note: The detailed project execution plan will be submitted once the project is awarded. Web pages and templates are measured in terms of A4 size pages.